Halligan  is Becoming
Featuring integrated learning and performance solutions for the public sector so you’re ready for what’s next.



Halligan, a Vector Solutions brand, is an innovative, mobile-ready operations management software created for routine maintenance inspections of trucks, tools, medical supplies, controlled substances, and other items logged in inventory records.


The Halligan product is becoming Vector Check It, under the Vector Solutions brand name. This change is guided by our goal to help organizations and individuals prepare for the changes ahead brought about by new technologies, complex compliance regulations, and more challenging workplace and school environments. It’s all part of our increased focus on innovation and our dedication to bringing more resources to mission-critical industries. And while our name will change, what won’t change is our focus on operational readiness, and our unwavering commitment to serving you. Learn more here.


We formed Halligan because we believe that software should not be a chore for the men and women who serve their communities day in and day out. We have set out to build world class software to better serve first responders.

Halligan was founded by a group of four individuals with diverse software engineering and first responder backgrounds. With combined experience in interior structure firefighting, wildland firefighting and emergency medical services – we know the problems first responders face and the type of solutions they expect. With over a decade of combined work in the software industry, we know how to build those solutions and solve those problems.