Halligan New Feature: Equipment Pool

Over the coming weeks, the Halligan team is planning major upgrades to how departments can build and track their truck and equipment checks. Today, we are proud to announce the first major release - Equipment. Explanation of the first part of equipment functionality is also detailed in the following help articles in the help center:

Key Concepts

  • Equipment Pool - An Equipment Pool is a group of similar equipment items - for instance SCBA Bottles. These Equipment Items have the same make, model and similar maintenance tasks when issues arise.

  • Equipment Item - An Equipment Item is a single piece of equipment in an Equipment Pool. Each Equipment Item should have an identifier that is unique for that Equipment Pool.

How to Setup your Equipment

Navigate to the new Equipment Tab and hit ‘Create Equipment Pool’


This will bring up the Equipment Pool Creation Dialog which contains a few fields:


Populate the following fields:

  • Name - The name of the Equipment Pool

  • Check Instructions - This will show up in the check report to provide more details on what people performing the check should look for (e.g. Check PSI of SCBA Bottle)

  • Make and Model - This is valuable information that will help us give you more insights moving forward. For instance, we can start to produce reports on vendor make and model quality.

  • Possible Remediation Actions - This is a structured list of common tasks that members of your department must do to fix a piece of equipment during a check. In future releases we will be producing reports and notifications for those pesky pieces of equipment that seem to always need fixing (for instance, that SCBA bottle that always needs a 1000 PSI top-off)

Adding Equipment to a Report

Launch the ‘Edit Check List’ dialog for the truck you are interested in modifying. You will notice two new tabs called ‘Ad-Hoc’ and ‘Equipment’.

  • Ad-Hoc is plain old vanilla ‘Check’ and ‘Description’ check step that you are using now

  • Equipment provides a dropdown to let you choose from the Equipment Pool’s you have configured and add them to the check


How does the equipment look in reports?

Equipment looks the exact same in reports as other checks. The only difference is a new icon indicating that it is a piece of equipment.


This will indicate to firefighters performing the checks to click into the details section of the check step to add a few more pieces of information.


Looking Forward

This functionality opens up a new world of possibilities as we think about how to improve inefficiencies within departments. We will do a follow up blog post next week about what this means for the future of Halligan. Check back in to the blog for more information soon.