Saving Time with Drones

While civilian drone use has become a topic of controversy over the past couple of years, first responders have found a fantastic use of the technology.

As the article on notes, departments are using drones to get a birds eye view that they would otherwise be unable to have. One department in Arkansas used a drone to survey the path of a tornado which ultimately saved the department hours of work. For a department in West Memphis, the catalyst for  purchasing a drone came when a tractor trailer crashed and spilled hazardous material. The firefighters did not have a good view of the scene, and they had to spend a huge amount of time to contain the situation. Fred Thorne from West Memphis said that if they had a drone at the time, they would have been able to survey the scene in a matter of minutes as apposed to the hours it took.

Finding unique ways to save time with technology might make day-to-day activities easier and more efficient, but as in the case of drones, it might make all the difference in time-sensitive situations. Check back in on our blog to find out how other departments are using technology.