New Improvements To Halligan: Ticket Expiration, Required Comments and More

Here is a quick update on the new Halligan functionality. All of it is ready for use right now so give it a try!

Measurable Check Steps on Mobile

Your mobile checks now show the inline measurable check steps! This improvement makes it even easier for you to keep track of your numerical check data like mileage and engine hours, all from your mobile device.


Closed Ticket Visibility Time

You can now set how long you want your tickets to remain visible on a workflow after they are closed. After the set number of days, the ticket will automatically be removed. This will help keep the last column of your Workflows clean. Resolved tickets will persist in the system as historical records and upcoming functionality will allow you to report on resolved tickets by apparatus, equipment items and other dimensions! 

You can set the duration of closed tickets by clicking the settings button at the top of a workflow.

Required Comments

You can now require that a user submits a comment with every failed check step! This will help stations enforce higher communication standards between shifts. Additionally, it will improve the quality of information you are sending to your mechanics in the event of a failure. To activate this functionality, click "edit checklists" on a given apparatus and select the checklist on which you want to require comments. Then click the require comments toggle below the checklist selection box. 

Redesigned Tickets

Quickly visualize which apparatus have issues with the redesigned Ticket appearance. This will help you know what tools are broken on each apparatus on your way to the next call.



Let us know what you think of these new functionalities! We are excited to hear your feedback.