3 Cases For The First Responders Mobile Device

For modern first responders, having a smartphone is a must. Yet, most phones lack the durability to keep up with the stress of the job. That’s why having a tough case is essential. Here is a list of the toughest cases on the market:

LifeProof: Fré - $79.99-89.99

What LifeProof cases lack in impact resistance, they make up for in slenderness. These cases fit snugly on your phone making them some of the least bulky cases on the market. However, their highlight is not their slenderness, but their ability to keep your phone dry. The case features an airtight compartment which makes your phone extremely resistant to water. Getting your phone wet should not be a worry on scene and this case understands that. The steep price of between $80-90 may be worthwhile if you need a waterproof phone.


Urban Armor Gear: Composite Series - $34.95

With military grade drop test results and a scratch resistant screen protector, this case is seriously tough. While it provides no protection from water damage, it runs at about half the cost of its LifeProof counterpart. If water is not an issue, this is the case for you.


Caseology: Vault Series - $29.99

Caseology finds the perfect balance between strength and beauty. Their stunning, slender exteriors hide the true power beneath their surface. The sturdy gripping material on the flanks of the case make it easy to hold, while the dual-layered TPU and polycarbonate shell gives it excellent impact protection. If you want strength and style, this is your case.


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