FDIC: A Glimpse Into the Future of First Response

 Photo Credit: Ed Ballam Firehouse.com News

Photo Credit: Ed Ballam Firehouse.com News

The Halligan team spent last week at FDIC and had the opportunity to take an in depth look into the future of first response. As Firehouse.com noted in their write up of the event, technology has become the focal point of innovation of in the first response space. 

The Evolving Truck

Both Pierce and Rosenbauer released new trucks that made massive steps forward in traditional truck technology. Rosenbauer showed off a concept truck that is powered using four electric motors as opposed to conventional engines, and Pierce released a new line of ascendant vehicles that improved existing ladder designs with massive weight savings due to design structure. Small changes like these will make the trucks easier to maintain and improve the overall performance by a large margin.

The Evolving Firefighter

W.L. Gore and Associates made huge gains for firefighter safety with a new hood that protects against potentially cancer-causing contaminants while also providing top of the line thermal protection. However, arguably the most innovative technology came from MSA that incorporated a Thermal Imaging Camera (TIC) into their SCBA. The unit integrates thermal imaging directly into the face piece which eliminates many redundancies such as the need for multiple power sources.

FDIC had a major focus on technology -- everything from the trucks to the software on devices -- and Halligan is excited to be a part of the rapid pace of evolution in the space. Follow us for more information about developing technology in the space.