Manage Your Fleet with Ease

The Halligan blog has spent a lot of time discussing inefficiencies with the current model for managing fleets, but we wanted to spend some time focusing on our Apparatus Management Platform and how it can allow administrators to manage their fleet.

Updates on Completed Checks

Halligan provides at-the-moment notifications for checks that are completed so everyone in the department can know whether a truck failed or passed the required checks. Halligan delivers these check notifications via email and app push notifications so everyone is up to date.

Aggregate Views on Fleet Checks

Halligan provides an aggregate view of all your trucks as well as the status of their last check. The stakeholders responsible for the fleet need to have this information available at a moment’s notice instead of shuffling through papers to find this information.

Accurate Insights into Truck Statuses

Knowing that your fleet is in good repair is important, but it’s invaluable to see trends in which trucks are failing most often. If you can spot which trucks are failing the most, you are able to then drill in and explore which specific equipment is failing and whether there is a reason for the trend.

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