Reporting For First Responders Should Be Easier

first responder.jpg

First responders have a huge amount of responsibilities in their day-to-day lives. Not only do they have to be ready to respond to any number of possible situations at a moment’s notice, but they also have to make sure that they are running apparatus checks, staying up to date with procedures, and practicing and planning for future incidents.

This is no small amount of duties, and often times, departments are getting caught up with administrative tasks that distract from the things that they should be focused on: saving lives. The problem is that there is a major disconnect with how information is gathered and ultimately reported on in the first responder space. First responders are filling out reports with pen and paper and then delivering that information to the administrators who then either A) re-enter the data into a disparate reporting system or B) file it away. Worst of all, what software is available to help out with this is does not take a mobile first approach and ultimately requires double entry. Software needs to be available at all times so first responders can gather information anywhere, anytime.

Halligan’s goal is to eliminate these inefficiencies so first responders can focus on the job at hand. Learn more about Halligan’s apparatus checks and how we help first responders by going to