A Smokejumper's Workout



The unknown and unknowable - how do you possibly train for that? A smokejumper’s training regimen has to include a balance of certainty and variety. There is no quitting or turning around once you've left the plane. You have to land from a jump ready to handle anything and everything. Constantly building strength and testing your limits. Here's a great workout for testing your raw power output.

What you need:

  • Timer
  • Barbell (95lbs for gents and 75lbs for women)
  • Pull-up bar

Set your timer for one minute intervals The goal is to complete the following, before the next minute starts:

  • 7 Burpees
  • 7 Thrusters
  • 7 pull-ups

The first couple of rounds should be fairly easy. This workout will test your physical and mental fortitude. It's a measure of output and an easy way to track how fit you are. Add this one to your conditioning portion of your programming and measure your progress.

Once you are not able to complete all 21 reps, prior to the next minute starting, your workout has concluded.

Smokejumpers are elite first responders that are pushing themselves - physically and mentally - to their limits, and their training needs to be representative of their job.

Give this workout a go and let us know how many rounds you made it in the comments below!