Halligan is the right tool for the job

Mobile Truck Checks

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Know your gear works before your get to the fire ground


Get reminders when you miss a check

Know when equipment is broken

End cumbersome paper files








Reports at the push of a button

Stop wasting time filing reports by hand. Have your data presented whenever you want it

Visualize your department

Keep track of your firefighters, trucks and equipment though automatically generated graphs and figures.


Stay up to date

Get notifications instantly on your phone, email and in the app anytime a truck fails a check or is taken out of service.


Maintenance & Cost-Tracking


Communicate, Budget and Schedule

Know the status of your gear at all times. Communicate with mechanics, get estimates and record full maintenence histories on all your equipment and apparaus

keep perfect books without lifting a finger

Halligan automatically maintains complete records of your Work Order expenses for both apparatus and equipment.

See how Halligan can improve your department