Status of your department.
Ready at your fingertips.

Halligan’s app ensures you will always know
the status of every truck and piece of equipment.

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Keep your trucks in service

Easily perform truck checks with mobile app that is ready to use from day 1

Communicate across shifts and stations with overdue checks, open work orders and expiring items

Maintain your equipment in working order

Ensure safety and compliance with customizable PPE, SCBA, Ladder and Hose Inspections

Track the condition and location of your assets across your department

Manage your inventory and storerooms

Track costs and quantities in your stock to prevent over-ordering

Easily modify compartment based on your current inventory of medical supplies, drugs, and tools

Controlled Substances
Have governance over controlled substances

Instant access to the status and location of every controlled substance in your inventory

Have full compliance by requiring tracking of seal numbers and signatures upon completion of checks